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The Services

Our main alignment is consulting in international development cooperation with focus on support in the areas of:

Policies and strategies

  • Sustainable business concepts
  • Policy formulation
  • Strategy development
  • Strategic planning processes
  • Innovative approaches

Institutional capacity

  • Baseline Diagnosis
  • Octagon Analysis
  • Organisational learning

Result Based Management and Monitoring

  • Strengthening of management systems
  • Strengthening of management capacity
  • Monitoring of programmes, projects and processes
  • Monitoring systems
  • Indicator based monitoring

Financial Management

  • PEFA Studies
  • Training for PEFA studies
  • PFM evaluations and assessments
  • Audit assignments
  • Training for auditors
  • Feasibility studies for development of Audit and PFM

Programme and project cycle management in accordance with the Logical Framework Approach

  • Feasibility studies
  • Participatory planning workshops
  • Programme and project identification
  • Development of programme and project proposals and implementation plans
  • Assessment of programme and project proposals
  • Programme/project management models
  • Programme/project monitoring and evaluation


  • Independent evaluations
  • Participatory reviews
  • Real time and continuous assessements

Training in project and programme cycle management

Policies Strategies Capacity Diagnosis Management Project Cycle Monitoring Evaluation Training