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Pia Sassarsson Cameron

Pia Sassarsson Cameron has 29 years professional experience, whereof 25 years working with international development cooperation. Pia Sassarsson Cameron provides expert advice and assistance working closely with Clients and Cooperation partners, in Sweden and internationally. Cameron has field experience from working in 21 countries in Africa, Asia as well as working with EU member states and with EU applicant countries.

Cameron’s assignments and clients are private business, civil society and from the public sector. Public sector clients are mainly related to international development cooperation (e.g. international organisations, government agencies and ministries). Examples of subject matters are good governance, human rights and rule of law.

Key Qualifications

• Evaluation, review and monitoring

• Result based Management (RBM)

• Strategic Planning

• Management and planning of project/programme/organisation in accordance with Logical Framework Approach-LFA. Certified Moderator LFA.

• Facilitator. Member of International Association of Facilitators (IAF)

• Capacity development and assessment of capacity. (For example by means of an analysis of legal and organisational structure and content. Assessing functionality of an organisation and its mandate. )

• Public Procurement

Examples of assignments

• Evaluation of the Development Programme for the Turkish Judiciary , Turkey 2014

• Evaluation of the Dag Hammarskjöld Foundation, 2014

• Evaluation of the Swedish NGO 1000 Möjligheters project on trafficking and prostitution, 2013

• Strategic Planning -Programme Development Workshop, Arusha & Entebbe 2012, SIS-Swedish Standards Institute

• Evaluation of Stockholm County Boards measures for dealing with domestic violence. 2011.

• UN, Department of Peacekeeping Operations-DPKO. LFA &RBM, Capacity Development of DPKO. Instructor at 5 day training programme in New York, 2011.

• International Council of Swedish Industry (NIR). Private Sector Development in Belarus. Expert advice and assistance. Minsk 2011.

• Evaluation of civil society organisations in Turkey: the Olof Palme International Center Turkey Programme 2009-2011. Turkey 2011.

• Capacity building in result based management of institutions in Albania, 2010.

• Midterm Review of Sida´s human rights & democracy support to Civil Society in Cambodia through Forum Syd & Diakonia, 2008. Published in Sida Review Series, ISBN 978-91-586-4055-9. Nr 2009:11.

• The Partnership Programme; Mapping of EU members states  framework & modalities for International Development Cooperation, 2009.

• Fact finding study regarding the Police & Civil Society in Albania, 2009.

• Rule of law, human rights and harmonisation towards EU standards, Study, Montenegro, 2010.

• Evaluation of the police cooperation between the Swedish National Police Board and the respective National Police Boards in Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania implemented during the period 1999-2001.
(21 projects). Published in; Sida Evaluation 03/22 and in EU Evaluation Studies nr 90 External & Development Cooperation, and by Amazon.

• Evaluation of effectiveness, relevance and sustainability of partner organisations cooperating with the NGO AGS in South Africa and Mocambique, 2008. Published in Sida Evaluation Series, Nr 2008:59. ISBN 978-91-586-8140-8.

• Assessing and using results as a tool during project preparation and follow-up ”Result Based Management”. Study, 2007.

• Capacity development support to Yunnan Environmental Protection Bureau, in Kunming China 2006.