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Peter Winai, Winai Development AB

Peter has got more than thirty years experience as a consultant and researcher in the field of management.

He works with result-based management, strategic dialogues and capacity measurement of organisations. Assignments are published in a number of books and documents.

Peter is associate professor in business management with academic research in business and social mission, ICT and change management.

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Assignments – samples

• Evaluation of Sida’s regional strategy for cooperation with South East Asia, 2005-2009. Sida Evaluation 2010:2. The evaluation was conducted in cooperation with Sthlm Policy Group.

• Indicators in Government – mapping of their use; Swedish Agency for Public Management.

•"Midterm Review of Sida´s Support to Civil Society through Forum Syd and Diakonia". Published in Sida Review Series, ISBN 978-91-586-4055-9. Nr 2009:11.

• Increased result orientation at Sida INEC, working to reduce poverty through economic growth.

• Swedish Society for Nature Conservation. Building a result-based management system for the international cooperation.

• International Strategy for the Swedish National Police Board.

• Review of the International training Programme in the area of Democracy and Good Governance; Sida.

• Sida and DFID: National Palestinian Authority; Strengthening the capacity of the Office of the President.